New Content in AIR eLibrary

​The AIR eLibrary is your resource for books, monographs, and articles on IR-related topics. In addition to publishing new content, such as biannual volumes of Professional Files, AIR provides electronic access to a wide variety of material of interest to the IR community.  

Air-eLibrary-576pxWeb.jpgRecent additions to the eLibrary include a report by John Milam that explores the use of longitudinal data systems, and new electronic access to several older publications that are no longer in print. Visit the eLibrary to explore these titles and more.  

Longitudinal Studies: Context, Measures, Construction and Tools
John Milam (2012) 

This report looks at using a longitudinal data system and provides an introduction, context, and examples of longitudinal studies. The second part focuses on the technical aspects of a longitudinal data system, and includes construction of a longitudinal data system, methodological concerns, the technology of storage and display, and the different sources of data that may be included. 

Effective Reporting (1st Edition)
Trudy H. Bers with Jeffrey A. Seybert (1999) 

Effective Reporting* is a step-by-step process that entails careful consideration of a variety of issues. While many issues can be anticipated and addressed at the outset of a project, often new issues arise as a project unfolds.  

* Note that Effective Reporting (2nd Edition) by Liz Sanders and Joseph Filkins (2009) is still available for purchase and viewing in the eLibrary. 

Case Study Applications of Statistics in Institutional Research
Mary Ann Coughlin and Marian Pagano (1997) 

This monograph focuses on the application of statistical techniques to Institutional Research; theory, application, and interpretation are the main tenets. The ultimate goal of the authors is to enhance the researchers' knowledge and interpretation of their data through statistical analyses.  

Strategies for the Practice of Institutional Research
Michael F. Middaugh, Dale W. Trusheim, and Karen W. Bauer (1994) 

This book provides a conceptual and practical framework for the practice of data/information collection and analysis, and will be useful for chief executives, academic and administrative VPs, deans, directors, and any other individual interested in the effective collection and use of information to support institutional decision making and policy development.