Admission Trends: First-Time, First Year Students

Raja Tayeh
Director of Institutional Research
Doane College
The graph shows an admission trend: number of students admitted, number of students enrolled (cohort), and yield rate for six years. The graph can be created in Excel. Highlight data and insert cluster histogram then highlight the proportion variable column and change the column into line graph. Right click to label the yield rate.  Change the color to match the college colors. This illustration is accessible in the college fact book. 
The purpose of a Visual Display is to seek understanding that will support this quantitative data, while puncturing the illusions of those whose efforts had other objectives. Simply, it substitutes statistical tables. It shows three variables in one graph, which is easily read, that can be used by many professionals in the IR to present their statistical data for different audiences.



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Liz posted on 5/15/2014 3:36 PM
Thanks for submitting your chart. I agree that it is helpful to have the admission, enrollment and yield trends in one chart. One trend I noticed in the chart is that the yield rate has declined from 34% to 25%, but this doesn't come out very strongly in the display. If this is important to highlight, you may want to do a 2-panel display. On the left you could show the admits and enrolls in a stacked bar and on the right you could show the yield and possibly the admit rate as a companion. I have tried to stay away from the 2-Y axis displays because this can be hard for people to make sense of (I see that you did not add another axis either for yield, though you have the calculations in the graph to save the reader time).

Another thing you may want to consider is dropping the Y axis altogether along with the grid lines. You have nicely labeled all your data and the axis feels redundant. This should make your data stand out more also.

Thanks for your submission - I'm sure your campus has benefited from seeing the fact book data come to life.