Nominee Qualities

Qualities for AIR Board Nominees
The AIR Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association and sets its expectations for organizational accomplishment and conduct, periodically assessing organizational compliance with these expectations. The Board of Directors consists of 12 individuals, including the officers (President, Vice President, and Immediate Past President) and nine at-large members.
The Nominations and Elections Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors led by the Immediate Past President. The Nominations and Elections Committee will establish a slate of officers and conduct a fair and impartial election in accordance with the Bylaws.
Board Member Selection Criteria*
The following criteria are suggested for use in nominating members for Board positions under AIR’s new Constitution and Bylaws that were passed in April of 2011.
  1. Commitment to the organization: Has demonstrated dedication to and interest in AIR through active participation and prior service; Embraces the mission, vision and values of the organization; Is an engaged member of the institutional research profession 
  2. Conceptual thinker: Comfortable with more than average ambiguity and lack of complete data; Sees the implications of direction, strategy, and sets of facts; Has a sense of the big picture
  3. Group skills: Participates in discussion without dominating; Can lead when needs to do so; Helps the group live by its own rules
  4. Willing to decide and be responsible: Not overly concerned about what outside interests will think; Willing to make decisions when there is no “right” answer and without all the facts; Doesn’t blame others for own decisions
  5. Willing to voice opinion: Has own view; Generally makes independent decisions; Feels the need to speak up when he/she has a dissenting view
  6. Connected to ownership: Has an awareness of the ownership interests of the organization; Can speak about more than one group’s interest or the whole community’s interest
  7. Comfortable with delegating choice: Asks questions – but not too many; Recognizes role in delegating choice; Willing to define all criteria up front rather than defining after actions are taken
  8. Personal commitment: Regularly attends meetings; Participates beyond minimal expectations; Doesn’t always wait to be asked – regularly volunteers*
  9. Change and risk tolerance: Ability to quickly get comfortable with changes in direction; Comfortable with entrepreneurial approaches and activities; Can identify and verbalize concerns with risk
The AIR Board of Directors meets three times a year for face-to-face meetings. In addition to meeting at the annual Forum, meetings are usually held in the early fall and late winter. Exact meeting dates are set on an annual basis. Meetings held outside of the Forum generally involve one full and two half days, over the course of three days, and normally involve one weekend day. Of course, the Board is free to alter this pattern. Outside of face-to-face meetings, Board of Directors conference calls are held on a monthly basis and usually last 90 minutes. Most of the work of the Nominations and Elections Committee is handled through conference calls and electronic communication and takes place in the fall.
*Adapted From: Lynn A. Walker, Ph.D., Boundary Management Consultants