Nominations and Elections Process

2024-25 Nominations Now Open

Nominate yourself or a colleague for an AIR volunteer leadership position! 

Nominating AIR’s next leaders is simple. All we need is a name and, if the person isn’t in our system, a little contact info.  




The Board of Directors is the governing body of the association. It acts as the membership’s voice by soliciting member input and using it to make important decisions. The Nominations & Elections Committee (NEC) not only recruits members to serve as leaders, but also develops the call for nominees and reviews nominations to develop a balanced slate of candidates. 

The resource below provides information on AIR's leadership and governance policies. 

Governance Policies 

Interested in Learning More?

The AIR Governance Leadership Opportunities Guide provides detailed information on AIR’s Governance System,  governing body, and the nominations and elections process.

Leadership Opportunities Guide