Outstanding Service Award


The Outstanding Service Award recognizes a member for professional leadership and exemplary service to AIR, and may be bestowed posthumously.

Recipients will:

  • Have five or more years of AIR membership.
  • Not be a member of, or candidate for, the Board of Directors in the membership year of the nomination.
  • Have a substantial record of participation in AIR activities.

Important Dates

  • Nominations are accepted year round.
  • Award recipients are typically announced in May.

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How to Nominate

A complete nomination packet* must be submitted via email, and include:

  • A subject line of "Nomination Packet: Outstanding Service Award."
  • A letter of nomination from a current AIR member that speaks to the candidate’s service to AIR and clearly addresses each of the criteria specified above.
  • At least two letters of support from AIR members.
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae/resume.
  • The candidate's contact information, including telephone number, email address, and mailing address.

Email the nomination materials listed above to air@airweb.org with the subject line "Nomination Packet: Outstanding Service Award."

Submit Nomination

*It is the responsibility of each member nominating a applicant to ensure that the nomination packet is complete.

2021 Awardee

Dawn Kenney

Dawn Kenney

Interim Director of Institutional Research, Central New Mexico Community College

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Letters of Nomination and Support

    Award History

    2021: Dawn Kenney
    2020: Debbie Dailey
    2019: Glenn W. James
    2018: Julie Carpenter-Hubin
    ​2017: Gayle Fink
    2016: Sandi Bramblett
    ​2015: Fred Lillibridge
    ​2014: Jim Trainer
    ​2013: Bill Knight
    2012: Mary Ann Coughlin
    2011: Victor (Vic) M.H. Borden
    2010: Michael Middaugh
    2010: Richard A. Voorhees
    2009: Vincent Vendel
    2008: Edward L. Delaney
    2007: Meihua Zhai
    2007: William R. Fendley
    2006: Dawn Geronimo Terkla
    2006: J. Fredericks Volkwein
    2005: Susan G. Broyles
    2004: Timothy K.C. Chow
    2002: Trudy H. Bers
    2002: Timothy R. Sanford
    2001: Mary M. Sapp
    2000: Tod R. Massa
    1999: Larry W. Nelson
    1999: Donald J. Reichard
    1998: Laura E. Saunders
    1997: Jean Endo
    1997: Richard Howard
    1997: John Williams
    1996: Hans A. Acherman
    1995: Raj Sharma
    1994: Patrick T. Terenzini
    1993: Glynton Smith
    1993: Mantha Vlahos Mehallis
    1992: Gerald W. McLaughlin
    1992: Deborah J. Teeter
    1991: John A. Muffo
    1991: Jean C. Chulak
    1991: Marilyn K. Brown
    1990: Murriel L. Gilliam
    1990: Alton L. Taylor
    1989: Robert F. Grose
    1988: Joseph T. Sutton
    1987: John S. Chase
    1986: Charles F. Elton
    1986: Richard R. Perry
    1985: Paul Jedamus
    1985: Thaly Nilsson
    1985: James W. Firnberg
    1983: Lois E. Torrence
    1982: Robert H. Fenske
    1982: F. Craig Johnson
    1982: Marvin W. Peterson
    1981: Joe L. Saupe
    1981: Bernard S. Sheehan
    1980: Cameron L. Fincher
    1980: James R. Montgomery
    1980: Risdon J. Westen
    1979: Charles I. Brown
    1979: Gustav J. Froehlich