Sidney Suslow Scholar Award


Dr. Sidney Suslow was a prolific scholar who explored the field of IR and its contributions to higher education. He also served as the sixth president of AIR (1970-1971). Through his scholarship and service, Dr. Suslow encouraged the IR community to develop a definition of the field and to evaluate the past, monitor the present, and model future possibilities. The Association bestowed the first Sidney Suslow Scholar Award in 1987 to honor his contributions and further his vision. 

The Sidney Suslow Scholar Award recognizes an individual who, through scholarly work, has made significant contributions to the field of institutional research (IR) and advanced understanding of the profession in a meaningful way. The candidate may or may not be an AIR member or past member. 

How to Nominate

The recipient's scholarly work:

  • Has significantly advanced the field of IR and its theories, studies, practices, applications, tools, and/or models. 
  • Represents original, meritorious, and/or creative contributions or applications. 
  • Is broadly recognized as being of high quality in its conceptual framework, its presentation and development of relevant ideas and practice, and its implications and applications for IR and related higher education policy and practice.

Important Dates

  • The award committee will complete its work in March, at which time all nominees will be notified of the award selection. 
  • The awardee will be announced publicly in May.

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How to Nominate

A complete nomination packet* must be submitted via email, and include:

  • A letter of nomination from a current AIR member that speaks to ways in which the nominee, through scholarly work, has made significant contributions to the field of IR and advanced understanding of the profession in a meaningful way. 
  • At least two letters of support from AIR members. 
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae/resume, including a list of the person’s scholarly contributions. 
  • The nominee’s contact information, including telephone number, email address, and mailing address.

Email the nomination materials listed above to with the subject line "Nomination Packet: Sidney Suslow Award." 

*AIR will work with a primary nominator for each nomination. It is the primary nominator's responsibility to ensure the nomination packet is complete and that those supporting the nomination are apprised. 

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Award History

2023: Not awarded
Sylvia Hurtado
Trudy Bers
2020: Victor (Vic) M. H. Borden
2019: Rick Voorhees
2018: Karen Webber
2017: Not awarded
​2016: John Muffo
2015: Jane Wellman
2014: Rich Howard
2013: Rob Toutkoushian
2012: Stephen L. DesJardins
2010: Gary R. Pike
2009: Don Hossler
2008: Gerald McLaughlin
2006: Larry Leslie
2005: Clifford Adelman
2004: Paul T. Brinkman
2003: Trudy W. Banta
2002: George D. Kuh
2001: J. Fredericks Volkwein
2000: Peter T. Ewell
1999: Joan S. Stark
1998: John Smart
1997: Marvin W. Peterson
1995: Cameron L. Fincher
1994: K. Patricia Cross
1992: Alexander W. Astin
1991: Yvonna S. Lincoln
1991: Leonard L. Baird
1989: C. Robert Pace
1989: Urban S. Dahllof
1987: Howard R. Bowen
1987: Ernest T. Pascarella
1987: Patrick T. Terenzini