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  • 06.19.19

2019 Financial Education Research Grant Program Accepting Applications

  • by eAIR

The new Financial Education Research Grant program provides funding for the development and implementation of innovative, high-impact financial education research. The central goal of the grant is to develop data, facts, and conclusions which further the understanding on how to develop student financial knowledge, support behavior change, and ultimately promote financial well-being. We are particularly interested in measuring both student and organizational outcomes. Applicants must request funding of no less than $10,000 and no more than $125,000, and the grant period of performance must be between 6 months and 24 months. Please read the AccessLex Institute Grant Application Policy. Deadline June 30, 2019. For questions, email

Evergreen National Education Prize

Last year was a great inaugural year for Evergreen, culminating in the selection of College Possible as the first ever winner. The $100,000 Evergreen Prize is designed to identify and support the scaling-up of programs that best help low-income youth access and complete college or vocational degrees. The prize is offered by the Greenwald Family Foundation and led by a Steering Committee and Judges Committee that represent leaders from education, philanthropy, and other sectors. This year, applications are limited to organizations with annual operating budgets of under 8 million dollars. Monetary prizes will be offered to all 3 finalists rather than just the winner. Questions? contact

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