National Survey of IR Offices


The National Survey of IR Offices is a nationally representative, longitudinal study of the institutional research (IR) function within U.S. higher education institutions.

The survey collects information about IR office structure, leadership, resources, and effectiveness.

This project, which began in 2015, seeks to better understand and improve IR office operations, which support the efficiency and effectiveness of data-informed decision making in higher education. 

Survey Results

2021 AIR National Survey of IR Offices

The 2021 AIR National Survey of IR Offices attempted to survey IR office leaders at more than 3,000 postsecondary degree-granting institutions. Institutions of all sectors, types of control, and sizes were included in the sample. In total, responses were collected from 1,142 institutions, and 554 of those institutions completed the survey in full.

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2018 AIR National Survey of IR Offices

The National Survey of IR Offices gathers data on a wide array of topics. In an effort to ensure that key findings are made available in a manner that is useful, the 2018 results are presented in a series of report briefs. This approach allows for focused attention on specific topics, and collectively, the briefs provide a rich overview of the field of IR.

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2015 AIR National Survey of IR Offices

A report of 2015 data is available to the public. 

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Bite by Bite

eAIR features a snapshot of data from the results of the National Survey of IR Offices. Recent Data Bites:

2021 AIR National Survey of IR Offices

Thank you to all who completed the survey! You've made a contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the institutional research function. 

Survey Results


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