Presentations and Events

AIR will be represented at these events:​

NASPA | Philadelphia, PA

  • March 5 D. Christopher Brooks, EDUCAUSE; Darlena Jones, AIR; Amelia Parnell, NASPA; and Alexis Wesaw, NASPA; will present Data, Analytics, and Student Success: Perspectives from IR, IT, and Student Affairs (11:15 AM-12:05 PM EST, 119 B - Convention Center)

  • March 5​-6 Visit Darlena Jones at the AIR booth (#456) in the Exhibit Hall. 

Achieving the Dream​ | Nashville, TN

  • February 20-23 Visit Elaine Cappellino and Gina Johnson at the AIR booth. 

TAIR | Corpus Christi, TX

  • February 12 Gina Johnson will present Strategic Planning for an IR Office (3:30-4:15 pm CST, Aransas Room)

  • February 13 Gina Johnson and Jason Simon, University of North Texas, will present Future-Proofing Institutional Research (10:30-11:15 am CST, Copano Room)

  • February 13 Glenn James and Gina Johnson will facilitate an AIR Listening Session (1:30-2:15 pm CST, Laguna Madre Room)

​​​​​Past events 2017

AIR was represented at these events:

NEAIR | Jersey City, NJ

  • November 19 - 21 Visit the AIR booth in the Exhibit Hall 

  • November 20 Gina Johnson will present Institutional Researchers as Educators with Braden Hosch, Raldy Laguilles, Elizabeth Clune-Kneuer, and Lindsey Dever (11:25AM-12:10PM EST, Liberty III)

  • November 20 Gina Johnson will present the poster session: Practical Application of the Duties & Functions of IR (3:30PM-4:15PM EST)

  • November 21 Gina Johnson will present Leading Through Committee - The IR Role with Claire Goverts, Braden Hosch, and Lindsey Dever (8:55AM-9:40AM EST, America)

APLU Annual Meeting​ | Washington, DC

  • November 13 Christine Keller will present on Collaboration Between Business Offices and IR with Tiffany Mfume and Sidney Evans, Morgan State U and Matt Hamill, NACUBO​​

Evaluation 2017​
 | Washington, DC

  • November 11 Darlena Jones​ will present A&E Professionals in Higher Education: Who we are and where we are on campus, what we do and why, and how we encourage stakeholders to utilize our findings with Melissa D Barnett, Anne Marshall, and Alexander Wagner (8:00AM-9:00AM, Madison A)

CAIR | Concord, CA

  • November 10 Leah Ewing Ross will present Data-Informed Decision Cultures with Kristina Powers, KC Greaney, Mike Tamada (11:15AM-12:00PM)

PNAIRP | Tacoma, WA
  • November 9 Christine Keller will present the Keynote Address Listen to the Data! The Role of IR in A Data-Informed Decision Culture (9:00AM-10:30AM; 1 ST FLOOR VENICE 1)

  • November 9 Christine Keller will present Data-Informed Decision Cultures with William O’Shea, Director, Office of Institutional Research, Pacific University; and Russell Cannon, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, University of Washington-Bothell  ( 11:45AM-12:30PM​; ​1 ST FLOOR VENICE 3; SESSON #B1​)

  • November 10 Christine Keller will hold an AIR Listening Session with Ellen Peters, President of AIR Board of Directors, Director of Institutional Research - University of Puget Sound (9:00AM-9:45AM; 1 ST FLOOR - VENICE 3; SESSION #F1)

MidAIR | Kansas City, MO

  • November 9 Gina Johnson will present on IR and Military Connected Student Success with Sara Appel, Rachel Boon, David Johnson, and Jeremy Kintzel (11:15AM-12:00PM Central; Crystal Ballroom)

  • November 9 Gina Johnson & Timothy Chow wil present an AIR Listening Session (1:45PM-2:30PM; New School Insights Room)

  • November 9 Gina Johnson will present Practical Application of the Duties & Functions of Institutional Research with Natalie Alleman Byers, Kathy Schmidtke Felts, and Megan Vogt-Kostner (3:45PM-4:30PM Central; Crystal Ballroom)

SHEEO Community ​of Practice – Improving Access to State Data Systems​ | Boulder, Colorado

  • November 7​ Gina Johnson will present Effective Use of State Data Systems for Institutional Users with Bamby Fields, Interim Director, Institutional Research, Eastern Washington University; Bill Schneider, Associate Vice President, Research, Policy, a​nd Accountability, North Carolina Community College System;  and Dani Sutliff, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, South Georgia State College (2:45PM - 3:45PM)​

AIRUM | Bloomington, MN

  • November 2 Kara Larkan-Skinner and Ron Huesman will host an AIR Listening Session (2:30-3:20 Central)​

  • November 1  Gina Johnson will present Enabling the Data-Driven Leader: A Collaborate IT/IR Model with Jonathan Gagliardi and Tim Chester (11:30AM-12:00PM ET, Meeting Room 204A - 200 Level​)​

CIRPA | Toronto, ON

  • October 23 Gina Johnson will present A Consideration of the Applicability of AIR’s Duties & Functions of Institutional Research in Canadian Institutions with Mike Krywy, Tony Olmsted, and Blair Jackson (10:30AM-12:00PM EDT, Churchill Ballroom)

  • October 24 Christine Keller will present the Keynote Address (1:00PM-2:00PM EDT, Churchill Ballroom)

 SAIR | Fort Worth, TX

  • October 9 Gina Johnson will present Practical Application of the Duties & Functions of Institutional Research with Eric Atchison (10:45AM-11:30AM, Elm Fork I)

  • October 9 Gina Johnson and Christine Ross will present an AIR Listening Session at the Table Topic Luncheon (11:45AM-12:45PM, Rio Grande)

  • October 9 Gina Johnson, Sara Gravitt, Sandi Bramblett, and Linda Sullivan will present Institutional Researchers as Trainers, Coaches, and Educators (1:00PM-1:45PM, West Fork I)   

  • October 9 Leah Ewing Ross and Jason Lewis will present Data-Informed Decision Cultures (2:00PM-2:45PM, West Fork I)

RMAIR | Scottsdale, AZ

  • October 4 An AIR Listening Session will be presented by Gina Johnson (5:00PM-5:45M, Kiva I/II)

  • October 5 Practical Application of the Duties & Functions of Institutional Research will be presented by Gina Johnson, Dawn Kenney, Tim Stanley, and Mike Furno (2:00PM-2:50PM, Paloma 1)

ATD Data & Analytics | College Park, MD

  • September 15 The plenary address - Building Stronger Collaboration Between IR and IT: What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There will be presented by Christine Keller and John O'Brien (11:30AM-12:15PM)

TENNAIR | Murfreesboro, TN

  • August 8 The keynote address Listen to the Data: Creating a Data-Informed Decision Culture will be presented by Christine Keller (1:30PM-2:45PM)