National Survey of Institutional Research Offices

The National Survey of IR Offices is the most comprehensive survey of its kind. This survey was first launched in 2015 to establish a baseline of IR office capacities and resources. The survey data are used to inform program reviews of IR offices, benchmarking initiatives, and conversations about the evolving role of IR.

How to Participate

Visit our survey contacts page to confirm that we have the best contact information for your institution’s survey invitation.

Survey Contacts

The National Survey is framed around the ​​following four areas of inquiry: 

  • How is the office structured (e.g., reporting lines, type of work produced by the office)?
  • How is the office staffed (e.g., staffing roles, staff FTE, staff headcount)? 
  • What financial resources does the office manage (e.g., office expenses, professional development budget, staff salaries and benefits)? 
  • Who are users or clients of the office? 

Why Participate in the National Survey?​

The National Survey was developed to expand our knowledge of the field of IR and to provide IR offices a resource to compare and measure their offices to others. Every participating institution strengthens the National Survey and expands our knowledge of the field. Participating institutions contribute to the knowledge of the field, and gain access to a benchmarking tool that includes:
  • Reports on more than 15 metrics 
  • Filtering capability based on sector and Carnegie Classification
  • Longitudinal data for institutions that participated in 2015

How Does My ​IR Office Compare?​​

Get a sneak peek of AIR’s new benchmarking tool that uses data from the 2018 National Survey of IR Offices.

Premium Benchmarking​

Institutions seeking expanded benchmarking against their peers may purchase premium access with these additional features:
  • Customize your peer group
  • Generate reports for more than 200 metrics (e.g., salary by staff type, data access, office leader)
  • Filtering capability with more than 20 filters (e.g., enrollment, total staff FTE, reporting structure)

Introductory Pricing: $395/$​495 memb​er/non-member


2015 National Survey Reports

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