National Survey of Institutional Research Offices

The National Survey of IR Offices establishes a baseline of IR office capacities and resources. It is the most comprehensive survey of offices of institutional research ever undertaken. The data inform program reviews of IR offices, benchmarking initiatives, and conversations about the evolving role of IR within and beyond the traditional IR office. These inquiries also inform AIR’s exploration of data-informed decision cultures and awareness of the ways in which the work of institutional research, effectiveness, assessment, planning, and related fields intersect. 

2015 ​

The original National Survey of IR Offices sought to document the characterizations of IR offices as they existed in 2015, including scope of work, reporting lines, staffing, and fiscal resources. Guiding questions included: How many people work in the IR office? What tasks are assigned to the IR office? What fiscal investments do institutions make in their IR offices?  

2018 ​

The next edition of the National Survey of IR Offices will be administered in fall 2018. Participating institutions will have access to summary data reports, similar to those produced in 2015-2016. In addition, AIR plans to offer benchmarking that employs the 2018 survey data for a fee. ​

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 Using the National Survey of IR Offices Data to Inform Decision Making


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