Candidate Selection

What Happens After a Person Is Nominated?

Eligible nominees are given the opportunity to express their interest in one or more AIR leadership roles. They are then asked to answer a series of questions to help the Nominations & Elections Committee craft the slate of candidates put forth to the membership for election.

  • October 10, 2022: Questionnaires sent to all eligible nominees
  • October 21, 2022: Questionnaires due
  • November to December 2022: Nominations & Elections Committee contacts potential candidates
  • February 2023: Elections, voting open 

Questions Asked of All Nominees

The following questions are asked of all eligible nominees:

  • It is important that AIR Board and NEC members can engage in respectful dialogue in a group with diverse viewpoints. Please give an example of a situation in which you constructively engaged in these types of discussions. How did you present your views? How did you ensure you listened to differing opinions? How did you resolve conflict and/or build consensus?
  • Board/NEC authority is not vested in the individual, but rather in the Board/NEC as a whole. After deliberation and vote, decisions are binding, and individual members are expected to support them. Please share a time from your professional and/or community experience when you supported a group decision that differed from your opinion. If you cannot recall being in such a situation, please describe how you would handle the above?
  • One of the joys and privileges of service is the opportunity to affect the future of institutional research and higher education. Please describe a couple of the most imperative issues IR/IE will need to address. How can we continue to maintain and enhance IR/IE’s value to higher education based on those issues?
  • How have your volunteer and/or leadership experiences helped prepare you for an AIR leadership role?

Board of Directors Questions

Eligible nominees interested in serving on the Board of Directors are asked the following additional questions:

  • The Board serves as the “voice of the members,” representing the membership, and soliciting their input. What professional or informal connections do you have at your disposal to ensure you are reaching across our complex and diverse organization?
  • Much of the work of the AIR Board involves strategic decision making rather than management of specific operational tasks. Please describe your leadership ethos and an example of how you’ve applied these principles, including the outcome.

Nominations and Elections Committee Questions

Eligible nominees interested in serving on the Nominations and Elections Committee are asked the following additional questions:

  • What professional or informal connections/outreach mechanisms do you have at your disposal to ensure you are reaching across our complex and diverse organization?
  • The NEC must reach out to potential candidates with an eye toward representation. What different perspectives or diverse voices do you think are important to represent on the Board/NEC?
  • As an NEC member, in selecting candidates, how would you go about ensuring the slate of candidates is diverse?