A Holistic Approach to Institutional Research​

Online Course

Whether you are new to institutional research or an experienced professional, AIR’s course A Holistic Approach to Institutional Research is perfect for you. During this six-week online course, participants examine challenges and explore solutions relevant in the rapidly changing field of IR through readings, discussions, exercises, and videos.

At the end, participants gather for a two-day interactive seminar to expand their conversations and their professional networks. Course alumni include new and experienced IR professionals, directors, and senior institutional administrators. The diverse expertise and perspectives of the participants, paired with a curriculum that grows data and information literacy, provides an extremely rich learning experience.

Do You Know Barbara?

In addition to readings and exercises, each week participants gain access to illustrated videos that follow Barbara, a Director of IR, and Mark, her new employee, as they consider what it means to be an institutional researcher in the current higher education landscape.

Participants receive mentor support and engage in activities to encourage conversation about the topics Barbara and Mark explore in these unique videos.

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Upcoming Session(s)

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Community College Scholarship

We offer a scholarship that facilitates the professional growth and development of early-career institutional research professionals employed at community colleges by providing registration assistance for the online portion of A Holistic Approach to Institutional Research

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Course Structure

Face-to-Face Seminar

Join Your New Colleagues

Once you complete the online course, join your cohort for a two-day interactive seminar where we continue to consider the field of IR with a truly holistic perspective. This mentor-led experience provides deeper exploration of course topics, dynamic examination of the challenges faced by individual course participants, and establishment of networks that enhance personal and professional development.

Why Should I Attend the Seminar?

“Participation in the face-to-face seminar helped me find a very succinct way to grow my network, not just of people who are at institutions similar to mine, but also people who are at institutions of different sizes, offices that are different sizes, and from organizations that are not just colleges or universities.”
– Bethany Miller
“Meeting the people with whom I connected online face-to-face—to be able to share those discussions, learn from other people, hear from the speakers and the course leaders—was the most beneficial part of the program.”
– Stuart Terry
“I enjoyed the face-to-face aspect the most. Being in a room with colleagues from all over the country and different fields within IR was really helpful. It's comforting to hear from other people that they're going through some of the same challenges that I'm going through so I don't feel like I'm on my own. Just being able to talk to people in that intense two-day format was helpful.”
- Rebecca Osakwe


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