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  • 12.20.18

Good Reads for the Higher Ed Professional

  • by eAIR

Check out the latest IR and higher education journal issues. February eAIR highlights content for Innovative Higher Education. 

The articles listed on the IHE website have recently been posted in “Online First,” the online version of the journal of Innovative Higher Education. These articles are now published, and they are accessible to subscribers and fully citable with the doi number. They will appear later in a bundled e-issue and print issue. Note that the majority of subscriptions are libraries and consortia.

Editor’s Tip: Once again we would like to draw attention to the all too frequent misuse of the word faculty, which is a singular collective. One cannot say, for example, “Faculty are …”  That is a grammatically incorrect mixing of singular and plural.

For information about this journal please visit the journal website where you will find the guidelines for submission, a listing of the Editorial Board members, and abstracts of articles going back to 1989.

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