John Stecklein Distinguished Member Award


The John Stecklein Distinguished Member Award recognizes a member whose professional career has significantly advanced the field of institutional research through extraordinary scholarship, leadership, and service.

How to Nominate

The candidate: 

  • Has been an active member of AIR and has made substantial contributions to the field of institutional research over an extended period of time.
  • Through research, service, and/or practice has made a significant contribution to the field of institutional research in two or more of the following areas:
    • Advanced the practice of institutional research through innovative ideas, techniques, or theory;
    • Contributed to widely-disseminated research;
    • Supported the training and development of IR practitioners;
    • Promoted the application of IR theories and practices in new venues and/or organizations;
    • Demonstrated the contributions of institutional research to policy formation; and/or
    • Contributed to the field of institutional research in another significant way.

Important Dates

  • Nominations are accepted year round.
  • Award recipients are typically announced in May.

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How to Nominate

A complete nomination packet* must be submitted via email, and include:

  • A subject line of "Nomination Packet: John Stecklein Award."
  • A letter of nomination from a current AIR member that speaks to ways in which the candidate has significantly advanced the field of institutional research through scholarship, leadership, and service, and clearly addresses each of the criteria specified above.
  • At least two letters of support from AIR members.
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae/resume.
  • The candidate’s contact information, including telephone number, email address, and mailing address.

Email the nomination materials listed above to with the subject line "Nomination Packet: John Stecklein Award."

*We will work with a primary nominator for each submission. It is the primary nominator's responsibility to ensure the nomination packet is complete and that those supporting the submission are apprised.

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Award History

2022: Bill Knight
Not awarded
2020: Dawn Geronimo Terkla
2019: Lydia Snover
2018: Mary Ann Coughlin
2017: Ellen Chaffee
​2016: Joe Saupe
2015: Not awarded
2014: Jeff Seybert
2013: Mike Middaugh
​2012: Patrick T. Terenzini
2011: J. Fredericks Volkwein
2010: John Smart
2010: Terry Russell
2007: John A. Muffo
2006: Deborah J. Teeter
2005: Richard D. Howard
2004: Adrian H. Harris
2003: Samuel S. Peng
2002: Gerald W. McLaughlin
2001: Larry G. Jones
2001: Julia M. Duckwall
1998: C. Robert Pace
1997: James W. Firnberg
1996: James R. Montgomery
1992: F. Craig Johnson
1991: Charles F. Elton
1990: Charles H. Belanger
1989: Joan S. Stark
1988: Paul Jedamus
1988: Marvin W. Peterson
1987: Kenneth P. Mortimer
1987: Bernard S. Sheehan
1985: Lyman A. Glenny 
1984: Lois E. Torrence
1983: Cameron L. Fincher
1981: Mary E. Corcoran
1978: Paul L. Dressel
1977: John E. Stecklein
1974: Elmer West
1970: Charles E. Howell
1966: A.J. Brumbaugh
1966: John Dale Russell