Affiliated Organization Travel Grant

The AIR Affiliated Organization (AO) Travel Grant program supports AOs in expanding their travel assistance measures for members to attend the AIR Forum.

AIR will match AO’s travel grant contributions for attendance at this year’s AIR Forum on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to $1,000.

The application window for the 2022 grant closed on March 4, 2022.

Important Dates

March 4, 2022: Deadline to apply to participate 

March 11, 2022: AIR notifies AOs of acceptance, sends agreements  

March 18, 2022: Deadline to submit signed agreements 

March 28, 2022: AIR begins disbursing funds to AO 

(Please allow up to five business days for ACH payments and up to 10 business days for check payments.) 



Apply to participate by filling out the Travel Grant request form by March 4, 2022.  

  • Any official member of the AO may fill out this form on behalf of the AO. 
  • The application requires: 
    • The requested amount of matching funds 
    • A brief description of how your AO will use the matching travel funds 
    • Proof of recent tax filings 
    • A copy of the organization’s Articles of Incorporation (or equivalent) 
    • A copy of the organization’s W-2 
    • Remittance address 

Application Closed


  • Your organization may determine whatever process works best for selecting your grant awardee(s). The grant may be used to reward best presentations, encourage new members or first-time attendees to attend AIR Forum, etc. 
  • There is no requirement to notify AIR of recipient(s). However, the recipient(s) must still register for AIR Forum and arrange travel, adhering to any applicable deadlines. 
  • Your AO is responsible for disbursing the AIR matching funds, once received, to recipient(s). 
  • AIR will begin disbursing funds on March 28, 2022. Please allow up to five business days for ACH payments and up to 10 business days for check payments. 
  • If recipient(s) does not attend this year’s AIR Forum, the AO must return matching funds by June 30, 2022.