National Survey Data Bite

  • National Survey Data Bite
  • 03.20.19

Data Bite March 2019

  • by eAIR

When you walk around AIR’s annual conference, the Forum, or a regional or state affiliated organization’s conference, you will hear attendees talking about the wide variety of work their office does – but is their work really that varied? The simple answer is yes.

Preliminary results from the 2018 National Survey of IR Offices show that:

  • 27% of an average office’s activities are related to reporting (e.g., mandatory reporting, internal reporting);
  • 22% are related to providing information for decision support;
  • 30% of their work is split across institutional effectiveness, assessment, and accreditation; and,
  • 16% of their time is split across strategic planning and analytics/business intelligence (see chart below).

So, the next time you hear a colleague saying that they have too much on their plate, believe them!


To see more information from the 2018 National Survey, please watch this webinar.

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