National Survey Data Bite

  • National Survey Data Bite
  • 03.30.23

What Percentage of IR Offices Have Sufficient Resources?

  • by AIR

Successful IR/IE offices require sufficient hardware, software, space, and staff to operate efficiently. So, what percentage of offices have these resources? We asked office leaders to assess the adequacy of office resources in meeting institutional expectations. We found that a majority of office leaders were satisfied with their hardware, software, and space, but less than half were satisfied with their staffing levels.

Disaggregating by institutional sector, we found that a higher percentage of leaders at public 4-year institutions were satisfied with their resources in comparison with leaders at the other two major sectors.

Assessment of Office Resources: % Strongly or Moderately Agree
ResourceAll InstitutionsPublic 4-yearPublic 2-yearPrivate NFP 4-year
Office hardware79%82%80%78%
Office space72%74%76%69%
Office software70%75%66%69%
Office staffing level39%46%43%33%

NOTE: Survey questions were asked using a 5-point Likert scale (strongly disagree, moderately disagree, neutral, moderately agree, and strongly agree). These data combine the responses from moderately and strongly agree.

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