National Survey Data Bite

  • DataBite-Sept-v6
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 09.15.16

    Data Bite September 2016

    • by eAIR
    In last month’s Data Bite, we learned that 51 percent of Offices of IR are located within the division of the Provost/Chief Academic Officer and 26 percent are located within the division of the President/Chief Exe...
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  • DataBite-Aug-V2
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 08.18.16

    Data Bite August 2016

    • by eAIR
    In which division is your Office of IR primarily located? We find that 77% of public or private, not-for-profit institutions are located within the Provost/Chief Academic Officer division (51%) or in the President/CEO di...
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  • DB-Net-Price-V2
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 07.21.16

    Data Bite July 2016

    • by eAIR
    Net Price Calculators are available on a college’s or university’s website and allow prospective students to enter information about themselves to find out what students similar to them paid to attend the ins...
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    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 06.16.16

    Data Bite June 2016

    • by eAIR
    In the May 2016 Data Bite, we explored the average FTE of the IR Office (Director and Professional IR Staff only) for not-for-profit institutions. Commenters were interested in delving into the staff FTE for small i...
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