eAIR Contribution Guidelines and Instructions

Thank you for contributing to eAIR, the Association for Institutional Research’s (AIR) flagship monthly newsletter. Circulation includes 8,000+ readers—mostly IR/IE and higher education professionals.



Please provide a Word document (no PDFs) with your draft content along with any related graphics/images in the highest possible resolution to ensure readability. Consider providing images of your institution (your marketing department can forward these along with guidelines), if applicable.

Voice and Tone

eAIR is less formal than technical or peer-reviewed publications, even when articles are technical in nature. Storytelling, clear and concise copy, and scannable content help to capture and maintain readers’ attention. When recounting something you or your institution accomplished, use “I” or “we” rather than passive voice.

Word Count

  • Lead: 750-1,500
  • Feature/article: 500-1,000
  • Interview: 500-750
  • Tech tip: 400-500


Please submit a working headline for consideration. Your headline should convey the main point of the article.

Attribution, Bio, Headshot

Please submit attribution, bio, and headshot with your first draft. If you are submitting for multiple authors, please compile and submit the following for each contributor:

  • Attribution: Name as you’d like it to appear, Title, Institution/Company
  • Bio: Two-or-three-sentence bio describing your role, including preferred contact information. Consider adding a link to your AIR Hub profile.
  • Headshot: A high resolution headshot, preferably with a clear background.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Ensure a logical flow and narrative. Tip: Before submitting your piece, can you easily reduce the content into a logical outline? If not, the reader will likely struggle to follow the flow.
  • Help the reader navigate the article by using lists, bullet points, and sub-headings. Readers appreciate scannable content.
  • Ensure the lead (or early) paragraph clearly states the main point of the article. Readers decide early whether they will continue reading.
  • Consider the audience and include a clear statement about why the IR reader should care.
  • While eAIR is not a peer-reviewed publication, it is helpful to have peers review your piece before submitting it. Ask for specific feedback and ensure your peers understand your main point.
  • Leave time for self-editing. It is helpful to step away from your piece for a few days and return with a fresh eye.


Submission Instructions

eAIR publishes relevant news, updates, opinions, and information. Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts or drafts for consideration. All submissions are reviewed and selected/assigned by the eAIR Editorial Committee. Submissions may be emailed to communications@airweb.org in the form of Word documents, using the subject line “eAIR Submission.” Please include contact information for all authors.



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