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  • 06.18.19

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Keep current with the latest news from influential IR, assessment, and higher education journals. This month, Journal News covers the latest edition of IHE.  

The Journal of Innovative Higher Education (IHE)

The articles listed below have recently appeared in print in volume 44, number 2, of Innovative Higher Education. As always, we note that the appearance of articles in the print issue is significantly behind the publication of articles in the online version of the journal. The large majority of subscribers are libraries and consortia, and they generally subscribe to the online version.

The articles appearing in this print issue are as follows:

  • Libby V. Morris, “Roles and Rewards in Editorial Board Service,” Editor’s Page
  • Elizabeth Niehaus and Ashley Wegner, “What Are We Teaching Abroad?Faculty Goals for Short-term Study Abroad Courses”
  • Lori Gilderhaus, Paul Cotter, Sharon Buck, Marsha Sousa, Karsten Hueffer, and Arleigh Reynolds, “The Research and Advising and Mentoring Professional:A Unique Approach to Mentoring Underrepresented Students in Biomedical Research”
  • Douglas L. Robertson, “Performance Perspectives on Undergraduate Student Success at Public Metropolitan Research Universities”
  • Jessica De Santis et al., “The Collective Power of We:Breaking Barriers to Community Engaged Research through Dialogue”
  • Krista Malott, Edward Mahesh, and Emily Crawford, “Anxieties toward Outgroup Members:Use of an (Elaborated) Imagined Contact Intervention with Undergraduate Students”

Editor's Tip: Once again we have some comments about acronyms, which can be bothersome in several ways. We recommend not including an acronym in the manuscript -- unless it is something likely to be very familiar to most readers. Save them for first appearance within the text of the manuscript! Also, do not use an acronym that appears only once in a manuscript. Overuse of acronyms can be a real turn off to readers.

For information about this journal please visit the website, where you can find guidelines for submission, a listing of the Editorial Board members, and abstracts for articles going back to 1989.

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