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  • 09.22.20

“Ctrl” Excel and Word

  • by Hilary Carter, Assistant Director Business Intelligence, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Did you know there are many keyboard shortcuts built into Microsoft Office that can save you time and make your life easier? It’s time to get friendly with your Control key!

Here are 25 “Ctrl and” functions for Word and Excel to get you started. 

Shortcut  Key  Excel Word
Add today’s date   ;  X  
Add the current time   :  X  
Reset formatting of selection   [space]     X
Select entire column   [space]   X  
Set number format to Percentage   %  X  
Set number format to Date  #  X  
Set number format to Currency  $  X  
Reset number format to General   ~  X  
Change a Range into a Table   T  X  
Add cells, rows, or columns (select a row/column to add)   +  X  
Delete cells, rows, or columns (select a row/column to delete)   -  X  
Decrease font size   [  
Increase font size   ]  
Paste Special   Alt-V  X  X
Add an outline border  &  X  
Remove an outline border   _  X  
Fill down   D  X  
Insert hyperlink   K  X  X
Hide selected rows*   9  X  
Use superscript*   +    X
Add or remove line spacing before paragraph*   0     X
Print preview   Alt-I    X
Insert a page break   Enter    X
Copy formatting   Shift-C     X
Paste formatting   Shift-V     X

* These use the main keys, not those on the numeric keypad.

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