2022–2023 AIR Leadership Nominations

Nominating AIR’s next leaders is simple. All we need is a name and, if the person isn’t in our system, some contact info.

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National Survey of IR Offices

2021 AIR National Survey of IR Offices

Make sure your institution gets a survey invite! Confirm we have the most appropriate contact on file and, if not, update.

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AIR Forum

2022 AIR Forum Call for Proposals

You have an important story, and we have the perfect opportunity for you to tell it. Submit a proposal to present at the 2022 AIR Forum!

Free Courses for IPEDS Keyholders

IPEDS Online Keyholder Training

Seats are limited—register now for a course that will take place October 1–31, from the comfort of your own home or office!

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Foundations Workshops

Covering the core building blocks of the data-informed decision making process. Strengthen your institution—reinforce your foundation.

Coffee Chat

Coffee Chats

Providing our community with a casual opportunity to connect thoughtfully around various questions and challenges we’re facing. Always free for members.


The connections, the resources, the training, and the synergy that the organization provides really helped me become the best IR professional I can be.

— Braden Hosch
Member since 2002

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During this unprecedented time, when you need ideas and resources from a strong professional network, AIR Hub provides the perfect platform to get the help you need, when you need it.

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