Celebrate Your Association

Fifty years ago (February 7, 1966), the Association for Institutional Research was incorporated as a
non-profit organization. Over the last half century, the Association has experienced tremendous growth, and the future looks even brighter. Today, AIR is the premier source of IR education and professional development, and is a respected voice for its leadership in institutional research and data policy issues.

Over the past year, the Association’s history has been showcased on our website. I invite you to read and comment on the various publications and photos collected on the anniversary page. In addition, I hope you noticed that each edition of eAIR this membership year has highlighted an important AIR document or photo to help us share the history of the Association.

In particular, I want to highlight a few key items on AIR’s 50th Anniversary web page:
  • Share Your Story. I invite you to share your story about your involvement with AIR. Read comments from other AIR members and provide your own narrative for members to enjoy.
  • Books, Papers, and Manuscripts. Review historical AIR documents, such as A Declaration on Institutional Research, by Sidney Suslow, or Memorandum to a Newcomer to the Field of Institutional Research by John M. Lyons.
  • Photo Gallery. Scroll though images of the Association over the years and provide your comments.
I hope you enjoy this special 50th Anniversary edition of eAIR. On Friday, February 12, we will release a digital time capsule showcasing representative contributions AIR members have made to AIR, their institutions, the field of IR, and higher education. Please join us in this week-long celebration in honor of your Association. AIR could not have achieved this notable milestone without your involvement and support.

Jason R. Lewis
Interim Executive Director