• Press Release
  • 07.07.16

New Office Location

  • by AIR

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about a fire at the AIR Executive Offices in Tallahassee caused by a lightning strike. At that time, I asked for your patience while we took the necessary steps to resume operations. Today, thanks to the AIR staff, our board, and partners in the Tallahassee area, I write to announce our new office location that will serve our needs as long as necessary.

Our new physical and mailing address is 1983 Centre Pointe Blvd. #101, Tallahassee, FL, 32308, only a short distance from our old offices on Piedmont Drive. Our email addresses and phone number remain the same.
For two weeks, we operated in hotel meeting space where the team was sharing tight quarters and using laptops to carry on the business of AIR. At the same time, we were assessing the damage from the fire and making arrangements for more permanent space.
During that period, scheduled member emails were sent, phone calls were handled, and there was no interruption of key communications such as our monthly eAIR newsletter. In fact, AIR still conducted two important training events while team members were working in meeting rooms and depending on hotel WIFI. The Institute for IPEDS Educators (IIE), formerly known as Train-the-Trainer, and the NCES Data Institute (NDI) were both held in Washington, D.C., as scheduled.
No business or organization welcomes the surprise of a fire and relocation, but we now know our processes and planning for emergencies has been tested and passed with flying colors. Through it all, our commitment to our members was the driving force that allowed us to maintain business focus while simultaneously dealing with the aftermath of the fire, and locating and securing new offices.
While the fate of our previous home remains unknown, I am very happy to report that the AIR Executive Office remains fully operational and we are settling into our new space.
Thank you for your patience during the transition and for the many encouraging emails and communications in support of our situation.
Jason R. Lewis

Interim Executive Director