• National Survey Data Bite
  • 11.16.17

Data Bite November 2017

  • by eAIR

We’ve explored the number of professional IR staff in IR offices in previous Data Bites. This month, we'll look at the types of staff involved. 

Based on what we learned from the 2016 National Survey of IR Offices, 95% have a full-time director, while 5% have a part-time director. For professionals employed in IR offices, 84% have at least one full-time professional and 13% have at least one part-time professional (e.g., analyst). Regarding administrative staff, 28% of IR offices have at least one full-time staff person and 10% have at least one part-time staff person. Moving on to students, 18% of IR offices have at least one undergraduate student working in the office, while 11% have at least one graduate student working in the office. These statistics are reflected in the infographic below:


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