• National Survey Data Bite
  • 08.26.19

Staff Positions at IR Offices

  • by eAIR

It’s challenging to be the director of an IR office. How many staff should you have? What kinds of work should those staff do? What roles should those staff be in? This month, we look at the staff roles within an IR office. Results from the 2018 National Survey of IR Offices show that nearly all offices (94%) have an office leader who leads and manages the office staff and work (titles include Director of Institutional Research or Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness). We also found that 2 out of 3 offices (66%) had analytical staff. In addition, we found that 29% had other managerial staff (titles include Associate Director of IR or Assistant Director of IR), 30% had administrative support staff, and 27% had student staff. To learn more about how your office can access results, please visit the National Survey website.