• 01.31.20

AIR Launches New Logo and Visual Brand Identity

  • by AIR

We are proud to announce the launch of AIR’s new logo and visual brand identity. 

After using our previous logo for nearly four decades, it was time for a facelift. We’ve updated our visual brand standards, logo, color palette, and fonts to help differentiate our association, ensure consistency, and more effectively communicate the value of data-informed decision making within the higher education community.  


Last year, we announced AIR’s new, future-focused mission and objectives set by our Board of Directors. The new logo and updated visual brand elements are an important step in successfully positioning AIR to accomplish that mission. That is why, in early 2019, we engaged a visual branding firm, shared stakeholder priorities and input, and embarked on a journey to update our visual brand identity.  

We wanted a logo that looked current, was distinct and recognizable, and conveyed our focus on community and data—which is subtly reflected in the new logo mark. Look closely and you may see a bar chart, a scatter plot, or a circle of individuals 

The logo is more modern and even slightly youthful, which is important in attracting newer, younger individuals into the community, and sustaining our association and the profession. At the same time, we wanted it to appear professional, strong, authoritative, and global.  

You’ll notice changes to our website, electronic communications, and other materials that bring our visual look and feel in line with these new standards. However, the website content and functionality remain intact, including your website login.  

This is an exciting time of growth and opportunity for AIR! And, while the logo and visual brand elements have changed, our name, mission, and commitment to you and the higher education community remain our highest priorities. We continue our work to empower higher education professionals to use data and analytics to make better decisions. We’ve simply updated our look to better convey our message and achieve AIR’s mission. 

If you have questions about the new visual brand identity, visit our FAQ, or feel free to reach out. As always, we’re here to help.