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  • 03.24.20

Journal of The First-Year Experience

  • by eAIR

This month, Journal News highlights the Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition. The latest issue Volume 32, No. 1, is now available online. To read an abstract for one of the articles below, click on the article title.

What Helps and What Hinders?: Exploring Latinx Students’ Adjustment to College by Jasmin Llamas, Vidur Malik, Matthew R. McKenzie, Casey Blackburn, Kathryn Hendricks, Danielle Marinsk, Marissa Sia, and Rebecca Marquez

Ascending Toward New Heights: Building Navigational Capital for Latinx Community College Students by Erin Doran and Paul Hengesteg

“A Community Built Just for Me”: Black Undergraduate Men Bridging Gaps to Community Cultural Wealth by Brian L. McGowan and David Pérez II

Additive Predictive Power of Non-Cognitive Factors on the Academic Performance of Special Admission Students by Darshon Anderson, Heather Martens, Amy Baldwin, Thomas Bruick, and Joan Simon

Anticipating College Graduation: The Concerns and Coping Methods of College Seniors by Jennifer Schriver and Nicole Teske

For more information, visit www.sc.edu/fye/journal or contact editor Dr. Forrest Lane at nrcjour@maibox.sc.edu.

ISSN 1542-3077 (Print). ISSN 2373-0153 (Online).