• National Survey Data Bite
  • 02.16.21

Diversity of Institution Respondents

  • by eAIR

IR Offices and U.S. institutions comes in all sizes and types, so finding relevant benchmarking data on IR Offices can be challenging. In the 2018 AIR National Survey of IR Offices, there were 543 U.S. IR Offices who completed the survey. Of those completers, 30% (164) were from public 4-year institutions, 23% (125) from public 2-year institutions, and 47% (254) from private, not-for-profit 4-year institutions.

If we disaggregate those institutions by student FTE enrollment, we find a wide range of institutions from very small institutions (less than 1,000 student FTE) up to very large institutions (20,000 or more student FTE) in each of the three major sectors.

Respondents by FTE Enrollment 

Benchmarking your IR Office against institutions who look like yours provides information to better understand, manage, and lead your office.