​New Keyholders Introduction and Overview

This tutorial provides an overview of Keyholder responsibilities, entering, editing, and locking data and tips for completing the IPEDS data collection surveys. New IPEDS Keyholders, new additional users, or anyone who needs a refresher on the role of an IPEDS Keyholder should view this tutorial.


For easy navigation, the New Keyholders Tutorial is separated into six chapters. However, it is recommended that the videos are watched in sequential order.

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Getting Ready for Data Submission
  4. Using the Data Collection System
  5. Communications
  6. Resources

Related Links

In addition, New Keyholders will find the following links helpful:

  • NCES New Keyholder Handbook: Printable handbook discussing many of the topics included in AIR’s tutorial. It also includes an overview and common pitfalls for each survey component.
  • IPEDS Report Your Data Website: Contains information for all IPEDS survey components, collection schedules, survey changes, and other resources.
  • IPEDS Glossary: Direct link to the glossary for IPEDS survey components.

New Keyholders Introduction and Overview