AIR and AOs: Partnering Like Never Before


Beginning with the 2016-2017 AIR membership year, the AIR Executive Office (EO) began making an intentional effort to enhance collaborations with its affiliated organizations (AOs). AIR has long partnered with its AOs in many ways, including Forum offerings such as travel grants, best presentation featured sessions, and meeting space for AO meetings. AIR also helps connect affiliated leadership with each other for networking and features AO events and news in eAIR and on

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our commitment to fostering collaboration through an intentional outreach plan with AOs for the 2017-2018 membership year and beyond. AIR EO staff members Christine Keller, Gina Johnson, Elaine Cappellino, and Robinson Neidhardt met with AO leadership at the 2017 AIR Forum in Washington, DC, to listen to the needs of AOs and announce new initiatives. Using the information gleaned from the meeting, data from the 2016-2017 AIR Membership Survey, and ideas from the AIR EO staff, the AIR Membership Team created an outreach plan for 2017-2018. Goals for the plan include:

  1. Implementation of the AIR/AO Exchange – An online forum for AIR EO staff and AO elected leaders to virtually interact and share resources about conferences and initiatives.

  2. AIR EO presence at AO conferences – AIR EO staff will provide printed materials and presentations (co-presented with AO members) to many of the regional conferences, as well as a few state and international conferences, to engage with more IR professionals – particularly those unable to travel to Forum. Printed materials may be requested and sent to all AO conferences, whether attended by AIR EO staff or not.

  3. AIR/AO communication plan – Having successfully done so in the past year (the NEAIR social media campaign story, for example), AIR will continue to feature events and initiatives from AOs to expand communication of these efforts. Watch for the graphic in this article to appear in future issues of eAIR to highlight the work of AOs.

  4. Collaborative project among AIR and AOs – In 2017-2018, AIR EO staff hope to identify and develop a collaborative project that will bring together AIR and AOs to tackle a collective issue related to the needs of institutional researchers.

AIR is pleased to partner with its AOs to increase outreach to IR professionals across the world. We hope you are as excited as we are about this outreach plan. Please direct any questions about the plan to Gina Johnson at or Elaine Cappellino at




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