Profile: Shuguang Wei, AIR Visiting Scholar

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Shuguang Wei is a Ph.D. student in higher education at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
Profile By Leah Ewing Ross

Shuguang on the UC Davis Campus, March 2012
The field of institutional research is relatively new in China. Although IR has been implemented in some universities there for more than 10 years, China’s AIR was not recognized by the government until 2007. Since that time, IR has grown significantly in China, and a new generation of practitioners and scholars is working to contribute to the future of higher education through this budding profession.
Many university presidents in China report to the government—not to the public—so their responsibilities are different than those of college and university presidents in the U.S. However, there is growing recognition in China that IR helps to inform institutional decision making, especially in light of the fact that higher education will no longer be paid for by the government; as tuition programs are enacted, students and families seek to understand how institutions spend the funds collected.
Shuguang Wei is a Ph.D. student in higher education at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Shuguang’s dissertation advisor, Xianjun Liu, is president of China’s AIR. Through their work together, Shuguang has developed interest in the varied placements of IR offices within the reporting hierarchies of colleges and universities. In particular, he is eager to explore the relationship between the organizational placement of IR offices and their roles in institutional decision-making processes.
The AIR Executive Office, University of Georgia, and Florida State University have hosted Shuguang during his six-month visit in the U.S., which is sponsored by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and AIR. His time in the U.S. culminates at the 2012 Forum in New Orleans. During his stay, Shuguang has furthered his research and explored the field of IR through campus visits, meetings, conferences, and a survey about the role of IR in campus decision making administered to a sample of AIR members. He has also enjoyed participation in AIR Affiliated Organization conferences and IPEDS workshops, and spent 12 days in California where he visited the University of California’s Office of the President and campus IR offices.
Originally from Shandong Province, Shuguang now resides in Wuhan with his wife, Tiqing Shan, who is a high-school teacher. He likes to bicycle, hike, garden, and cook, and has enjoyed the varied weather, scenery, flora, and cuisine of different regions of the U.S. It has been a great pleasure for members of the AIR Executive Office staff to know Shuguang, and we look forward to celebrating his continued achievements as an IR professional in China.
If you plan to attend the 2012 Forum, please take a moment to greet Shuguang, learn about his research, and wish him well in his endeavors.