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  • 03.29.24

Financial Value Transparency and Gainful Employment Reporting Requirements Deadline Extended to October 1, 2024

  • by AIR

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced March 29, 2024, that institutions will have until October 1, 2024, to provide all Financial Value Transparency (FVT) and Gainful Employment (GE) reporting requirements. This extension moves the due date back from the originally communicated deadline of July 31, 2024.

The announcement also sheds light on the timeline concerning FVT/GE reporting requirements. It serves as a roadmap for institutions, outlining essential dates and milestones to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework.

AIR recently sent a letter to the ED requesting a delay in implementing reporting requirements. The letter The letter, representing the collective voice of the IR/IE community, highlighted significant concerns regarding the lack of clear guidance, insufficient time for accurate data compilation, and the potential impact on data quality and usefulness to students and their families.

Visit the AIR FVT/GE Regulations Resources page for the latest news and resources on this topic.

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