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eAIR is the monthly newsletter of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR). From its start in October 1987 to today, eAIR remains one of the most important tools for providing news to the higher education community. This valuable resource includes web-based resources which are available at any time. eAIR is typically delivered the second or third Thursday of each month.

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Future of IR
    • Featured
    • 11.17.20

    Contemplating the Future of IR

    • by Nic Richmond, Chief Strategist, Pima Community College; Ozlem Kacira, Director of Reporting and Analytics, Pima Community College
    We live and work in highly complex times, and institutional research is directly impacted. It used to be there was a major innovation every decade or so followed by a period of stability. Not so anymore. Today, the...
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AIR Stakeholder Survey
  • Average FTE by Staff Role
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 11.16.20

    Average FTE by Staff Role

    • by eAIR
    We are often asked, "How many staff should our IR/IE office have?" In the 2018 AIR National Survey of Institutional Research Offices, we asked Office Leaders to provide the average staff FTE per type of staff role (see b...
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  • Infographics as an Alternative
    • Visual Displays of Data
    • 11.16.20

    Infographics as an Alternative

    • by Office of Institutional Research at Dartmouth College
    While the office routinely uses Tableau dashboards to share data with the campus community, there are also projects where an infographic may be a more visually compelling alternative. The office has invested in two tools...
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    • Announcements
    • 11.18.20

    IPEDS News

    • by eAIR
    IPEDS TRP Summary Open for Comment Suggestions from IPEDS Technical Review Panel #60, “Monitoring Emerging Issues in Higher Education” are posted at https://edsurveys.rti.org/IPEDS_TRP/Default.aspx and are cu...
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