National Survey Data Bite

  • National Survey Data Bite
  • 08.17.21

Office Leader's Professional Development Activities

  • by eAIR

Higher education changes quickly so professional development is critical to remain current and relevant. In the 2018 AIR National Survey of IR Offices, we asked Office Leaders to identify the types of professional development activities they participate in. We found that nearly three-fourths of IR Leaders read current higher education news while about half read IR/IE peer-reviewed journals. We also found that over half attended a state or regional IR/IE conference, and nearly half participated in analytics training.


Office Leader's Professional Development Activities

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What is the National Survey of IR Offices?

The National Survey is a nationally representative, longitudinal study of the function of institutional research (IR) in higher education.

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The chart shows types of professional development activities that Office Leaders participate in.


  • Category 1. Read news and journals: Higher education news 72%; IR/IE journals 47%;
  • Category 2. Attend Conferences: State or regional IR/IE conference 56%; Non-IR/IE conference 42%; AIR Forum 35%;
  • Category 3. Participate in Trainings: Analytics 46%; Technical 40%; Effective reporting 28%;
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