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  • 07.12.19

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Keep current with the latest news from influential IR, assessment, and higher education journals. This month, you'll find a call for the Editor of the Community College Review (CCR) journal and the latest breaking articles from Innovative Higher Education (IHE).

Call for Editor: Community College Review

SAGE Publications announces the call for Editor for the Community College Review (CCR), a quarterly publication. For more than 45 years, CCR has published scholarship from a wide variety of theoretical, practical, and disciplinary perspectives related to community colleges, and has published manuscripts dealing with all aspects of community college administration, education, and policy within both the American higher education system and higher education systems in other countries with similar tertiary institutions. The Editor oversees the peer review process for manuscripts, ensures the timelessness and quality of each issue, and advances CCR’s rigor, reputation, and scholarship. Candidates should possess a doctoral degree in a relevant field and demonstrate a broad knowledge of community colleges with a record of significant research in the area and engagement in professional organizations related to community colleges. For questions or to submit application materials, contact Dr. Duane Akroyd, Executive Editor, Community College Review.

Innovative Higher Education - Latest Articles

The articles listed below have recently been posted in “Online First,” the online version of the journal of Innovative Higher Education. These articles are now published, and they are accessible to subscribers and fully citable with the doi number. They will appear later in a bundled e-issue and print issue.

  • Libby V. Morris, Editor, “The Conundrum of Work-Life Balance”
  • Daniel Collier, Cecilia Parnther, Dan Fitzpatrick, Chelsea Brehm, and Andrea Breach, “Helping Students Keep the Promise: Exploring How Kalamazoo Promise Scholars’ Basic Needs, Motivation, and Engagement Correlate to Performance and Persistence in a 4-Year Institution,”
  • Johanna Rämö, Daniel Reinholz, Jokke Häsä, Juulia Lahdenperä, “Extreme apprenticeship: Instructional Change as a Gateway to Systemic Improvement,”
  • Wendy Y. Carter-Veale et al., “Exit Voice Loyalty:Using an Exit Phone Interview to Mitigate the Silent Departure Phenomenon,”
  • Sarah Chobot Hokanson, Sharisse Grannon, Robin Greenler, Donald L. Gillian-Daniel, Henry Campa III, and Bennett B. Goldberg., “A Study of Online, Synchronous Professional Development Workshops for Graduate Students and Postdocs Reveals the Value of Reflection and Community Building,”
  • Burcu Tezcan-Unal, Wayne Jones, and Suzanne Littlewood, “Curriculum Review:Analysis through a Learning Organization Lens,”
  • Nathan Emery, Jessica Middlemis-Maher, and Diane Ebert-May, “Professional Development in STEM Higher Education: Studying the Educational Ecosystem,”
  • Ethan Chang, Rebecca A. London, and Samara Foster, “Reimagining Student Success:
    Creative and Equity-oriented Responses to Traditional Notions of Success,”
  • Joseph Hermanowicz and David Woodring, “The Distribution of Grades across Fields in the Contemporary University.”

Editor’s Tip:  It should go without saying that one should be sure to consult and review the guidelines for submission for a journal. All too frequently the most common expectations are ignored, such as required line spacing or page guidelines for manuscript length, and doing so immediately raises a red flag about the quality of the manuscript and the scholarly integrity and thoughtfulness of the authors. 

For information about this journal please visit the journal website, where you will find the guidelines for submission, a listing of the Editorial Board members, and abstracts of past published articles. Note that the majority of subscriptions are libraries and consortia.

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