Institutional Research Analyst

Posted on1/25/2018
Job typeFull-time
Reports toDirector of Institutional Research
Reports in officeInstitutional Research & Decision Support
Application due dateApplications will be reviewed as they are submitted
Job start dateWe hope to fill the position this spring
InstitutionStanford University
Institution descriptionIR&DS’s mission is to facilitate institutional decision making at Stanford by:

Providing integrated analysis and research needed by University decision makers
Publishing reports that provide insight into the performance of the institution.
Assessing and evaluating Stanford’s academic and co-curricular support programs
Building data collections and facilitating access to data, including providing training and tools
Disseminating and facilitating best practices in the collection, use, and interpretation of data
Advocating for data quality and integrity
IR&DS accesses, utilizes, analyzes, and reports on data from all of the major administrative systems at Stanford, including student, faculty, course, research, and financial data. IR&DS performs and facilitates complex analyses for both departments and central offices, including collaborating with other universities to provide comparative data, and proactively publishing management reports.
Job dutiesJOB PURPOSE:

Stanford’s Institutional Research & Decision Support office is looking for someone with excellent data analysis and communication skills to join our Institutional Research team. IR&DS is the University’s principal source of analysis and reporting on a broad array of institutional topics, with a focus on data relating to Stanford’s students and educational programs.

The Institutional Research Analyst will interpret, monitor, and analyze information regarding policies, procedures, demographics, and operational outcomes yielding actionable information to guide decisions in wide-ranging areas. The Institutional Research Analyst collaborates closely with colleagues across the university, and works to meet the needs of campus stakeholders. This level performs under minimal supervision and includes both routine and challenging assignments.

The Institutional Research Analyst will report the Director of Institutional Research (position currently open). This is a fixed-term position for two years. Please include a cover letter and resume with your application.

Answer questions by developing research methodology, gathering data and/or using appropriate statistical techniques on available data.
Drive collection of new data and the refinement of existing data sources; apply and use algorithms or other advanced techniques to accomplish this.
Fully analyze the problem, question existing processes and assumptions, gather data and information, find and evaluate alternative solutions, and propose best course of action.
Explore data from multiple angles, determine meaning behind the data, and recommend ways to apply the data.
Communicate, convey, and visualize informed conclusions and recommendations across an organization’s leadership structure in a manner to “tell the story” behind the data and influence how organization approaches the challenge.
May interact with and influence senior leaders, faculty, and/or senate with written summaries and/or presentations on assigned research.
May delineate the information to be gathered, collect data at the project inception, prescribe how to structure the data, and specify the data warehousing structure for future access.
Through data, may predict what actions will be taken in a designated timeframe for a prescribed issue/challenge.
May need to collaborate with other organizations to gather data. Proactively seek and locate data, including outside benchmarks or comparative data, to support or refute proposed decisions.
QualificationsEducation & Experience:

Bachelors degree in a relevant field and four years’ extensive experience or combination of

education and relevant technical field experience solving analytical problems using quantitative


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Proficiency in manipulating and analyzing complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources.
Extensive experience in and strong passion for empirical research and answering hard questions with data.
Interpersonal and communication skills to positively convey findings and influence senior leadership & faculty.
Demonstrated experience querying, processing, analyzing, and reporting on large data sets.
Ability to use data retrieval and manipulation tools such as SQL, Brio Query, OBIEE, conjunction with visual data tools to present data clearly to non-technical audiences.
Familiarity and experience with intermediate statistical methods; advanced proficiency with statistical tools such as Stata, SAS, R or similar tools.
Ability to tell stories with data using data visualization software such as Tableau, Excel, Stata, or similar software in conjunction with strong verbal ability.
Ability to use visual data tools to present data clearly to non-technical audiences.
Flexible analytical approach allowing for results at varying levels of precision.
Familiarity with strategic planning concepts.
Excellent project management skills.
Salary rangeDependent on qualifications and experience
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