​Governance Documents


Governance Policies & Constitution/Bylaws

AIR Constitution and Bylaws are the official documents, last amended April 8, 2011 by vote of the AIR membership. Governance Policies are the governing documents created by the elected Board of Directors. Governance Policies are “living documents” that are revised by the Board as needed. Policies are divided into four types: Executive Limitations (EL), Governance Process (GP), Board-Management Delegation (BMD), and Ends (END).

Governance Policies

Constitution and Bylaws


Board Minutes

The Board Minutes are the official records of meetings of the Board of Directors. Minutes are posted to the website after they are approved by the Board of Directors. At the end of each membership year, the minutes are combined into one document and posted in the Archived Board Minutes folder.


Monitoring Reports

Monitoring Reports are developed by the AIR Executive Director as reports of accomplishment of the Executive Limitations and Ends Policies outlined in the Governance Policies. Reports are posted after Board review and on their instruction.


Annual Reports

Annual Reports are developed by the AIR Board of Directors.