• National Survey Data Bite
  • 03.15.21

Percentage of Staff Time Devoted to Advanced Analytics

  • by eAIR

From the 2018 AIR National Survey of IR Offices, we learned that 19% of staff time was devoted to conducting basic analytics (e.g., descriptive statistics). But what about advanced analytics (e.g., predictive analytics)? We learned that approximately 6% of an IR Office staff member’s time is devoted to advanced analytics.  If we disaggregate by institutional sector, we find that more staff time was spent conducting advanced analytics at public 4-year institutions while less time was spent at public 2-year institutions.  If we disaggregate by staff role, we find that analysts spend more time conducting advanced analytics compared to other staff roles while technical staff and student staff spend less time.

Percentage of Staff Time Devoted to Advanced Analytics

What is the National Survey of IR Offices?

The National Survey is a nationally representative, longitudinal study of the function of institutional research (IR) in higher education.

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