• Advocacy and Policy FVT/GE
  • 04.23.24

AIR Comments on Financial Value Transparency and Gainful Employment Regulation Implementation Challenges

  • by AIR

In response to the Department of Education's call for feedback on the implementation challenges of the Financial Value Transparency and Gainful Employment (FVT/GE) regulations, AIR submitted a letter voicing significant concerns and suggestions for improvement.

The letter, representing the collective input of over 325 responses to a recent survey of the Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness (IR/IE) community and 700 comments and questions from recent webinars, outlines key issues and proposes solutions to enhance the effectiveness of the regulations while minimizing the burden on institutions.

One major concern highlighted in the letter is the underestimation of the implementation burden by the Department of Education. The short timeframe and lack of precise definitions and guidance make it challenging for institutional staff to understand and comply with the regulations. This challenge is compounded by the need to allocate substantial resources to data collection, verification, and reporting.

To address these challenges, the letter proposes several solutions. Firstly, it recommends delaying the implementation deadline and providing more time for institutions to understand the regulations and develop internal systems for data collection and reporting. Additionally, it suggests providing clearer definitions, detailed reporting templates, and establishing support mechanisms such as a dedicated help desk.

Furthermore, the letter emphasizes the importance of aligning data definitions with existing systems, leveraging alternative data sources, and clarifying data-sharing policies to streamline the reporting process and improve data quality.

The IR/IE community also offers its continued support to the Department of Education, expressing willingness to serve as a resource and provide expertise in navigating these challenges.

Read the full letter here.