​IPEDS Keyholder Efficiencies: Reducing the Reporting Burden

Created for data providers with 10–24 months of experience, this mentor supported course is designed to enhance your knowledge as an IPEDS Keyholder. The course introduces and expands upon concepts for IPEDS Keyholders, including cleaning data files, leveraging IPEDS data at your institution, reducing the burden of IPEDS reporting with process management and reporting, benchmarking data, and creating benchmarking reports.

This curriculum is intended for both officially designated IPEDS Keyholders as well as individuals that serve in a secondary (proxy Keyholder) role assisting the official IPEDS Keyholder in the data collection/entry process.


  • No tuition charge to participants
  • Mentor supported
  • Self-paced curriculum over the course of one month

Fall 2022 registration is now closed. This course will be offered again in February 2023. 

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Space is limited to 120 participants per course, and online seating is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email 1-2 business days before the course launches with information on how to access the course.

NOTE: Participants may only enroll in ONE keyholder course at a time. Additionally, participants should allow 10–12 hours to complete their chosen course within a one-month period.

Online Course Registration Components

  • Contact and employment information
  • IPEDS experience
  • Brief description of how the specific curriculum offered in the online course will benefit you
  • Supervisor's contact information (for course completion acknowledgment communication)
  • Agreement to:
    • Only request a seat in ONE Keyholder course for a given month, either Keyholder Essentials or Keyholder Efficiencies
    • Complete this self-paced curriculum over the course of one month
    • Contact the IPEDS Help Desk to ask specific questions related to my completion of individual IPEDS collection surveys
    • Notify AIR immediately if I am unable to complete the course

Questions? Email ipedskeyholdercourse@airweb.org or call 850-391-7109.

Financial support for the development and management of this online course is provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).