• Special Feature / Interview
  • 11.16.18

Collaboration in Support of Student Success

  • by Leah Ewing Ross - Senior Director for Research & Initiatives, AIR

AIR is pleased to collaborate with other higher education organizations to reach a wider audience of professionals working in fields related to data-informed decision making. These partnerships allow AIR to share its work and learn from others to help ensure student success through data, information, and analysis for decision support. Following are descriptions of two current collaborations.

At its recent annual meeting, the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) hosted a workshop entitled Igniting PHIRE: Building Capacity for Public Health Institutional Research and Effectiveness facilitated by Christine Plepys, Emily Burke, and AIR’s Leah Ewing Ross. Participants focused on forming cohesive strategies in the collection, analysis, interpretation, and communication of data based on AIR’s future-focused work for the field, including the Statement of Aspirational Practice for IR (2016), Data-Informed Decision Cultures (2017), and A New Vision for IR (Change, 2016). Models depicting the IR function and the intersection of data capacity and data use were illuminated with institutional examples shared by Liza Krassner, University of California, Irvine; Liza Luby, Johns Hopkins University; Molly O'Keefe, University of North Carolina; and Daniel Regnier, Walden University.

After a leader of the Association of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE) who is also a member of AIR attended a 2017 Forum Impact Session, the group reached out to AIR to develop a partnership to bring data conversations to their annual conference. On March 25, AIR’s Gina Johnson and AIR members Archie Cubarrubia and Michael Le will conduct a pre-conference Data institute along with AHSIE Steering Committee members Jeannie Kim-Han and Mayra Padilla. The workshop will introduce attendees to data available through IR/IE offices and state and national databases to help staff, faculty, and administrators learn how to effectively set up systems for collecting and utilizing data to improve and measure program impacts. Attendees will learn how to “speak IR/IE” to work collaboratively in their setting as stakeholders involved in applying for, coordinating, and evaluating the success of grants related to HSIs. Gina, Michael, and Archie will also present an invited speaker session titled The Role of Data in Organizational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conversations. This session will introduce the AHSIE conference attendees to ways in which professionals working to improve the success of Hispanic and Latinx students can collaborate with their institutional research and effectiveness colleagues to collect and share data to help tell the stories of students and inform the decisions that impact their success.