Special Assistant - Systemwide Admissions Initiatives & Strategic Planning

Posted on10/25/2017
Job typeFull-time
Reports toAssociate Vice President
Reports in officeStudent Affairs
Application due date11-3-2017
Job start dateAs soon as possible
InstitutionUniversity of California Office of the President
Institution descriptionThe University of California is a system of 10 campuses, five medical centers and three affiliated national laboratories.

The Office of the President, located in Oakland CA, is the University’s headquarters.

UCOP supports campuses and students through systemwide funding and programs. It manages the University’s multi-billion dollar operations and investments. It oversees medical centers and national labs. It provides centralized labor relations and legal services. And it promotes the well-being of its diverse and large workforce through benefits and retirement programs.

The Office of the President coordinates activities that allow a complex and unique system to operate efficiently as one university, furthering its public interest, academic and research missions. It oversees and manages programs that serve the entire university system, allowing campuses to capture the savings and efficiencies that come from centralized operations.

For more information, please visit http://www.ucop.edu/
Job dutiesResponsible for analysis, policy development, and implementation of UCOP and Universitywide initiatives that affect UC undergraduate admissions. Under the direction of the AVP for Undergraduate Admissions, consults with OP and campus admissions and recruitment staff, including the Academic Senate, Issues Management, Policy Analysis & Coordination (IMPAC), Institutional Research and Academic (IRAP), Sacramento Governmental Relations Office (SGR), and campus admissions officer in delineating and advancing deployment of these initiatives, including the development of rigorous models, scenarios, and other analytical exercises that provide senior decision makers with most effective course of action; develops budgets and other resources scenarios that align with recommendations and goals of such initiatives.

Conducts multivariate and descriptive analyses using large datasets that examines emerging issues in the area of undergraduate admissions. Provides deep background on state and national trends that may support or bolster innovations at UC in support of undergraduate admissions at the freshman and transfer student levels.
Provides insight, context, and expert understanding of the political and legal implications of undergraduate admission policies and practices as well as the highly complex interaction of all aspects of application, admission, and enrollment of students across the entire UC system.

Under the direction of AVP-Undergraduate Admissions, works across organizational units within OP, UC campuses, University faculty and external entities, in advancing projects of critical importance to the University in the highly visible, politically sensitive world of undergraduate admission and in support of President's Initiatives and other projects.

Provides expert oversight and counsel in the review and development of UC undergraduate goals, policies, and implementation strategies to further the mission of the University as the premier public university system in the nation.

Provides Universitywide analytical expertise on policies and practices that impact the admission and matriculation of freshman and transfer students. Stays abreast policy initiative across the state and nation.

Helps to promote appropriate consultation within and between UCOP leadership, faculty, campus personnel, and/or colleagues in other segments to build an understanding of and consensus for a UC policy stance or interpretation, especially those poised to support Presidential Initiatives and Universitywide undergraduate admissions' strategies. Proposes strategic evidence-based solutions and/or viable options to resolve problems and conflicts among differing views and opinions. Takes initiative for developing options to resolve problems and conflicts among differing University constituencies.

Develops broad analytical framework for assessing the success of UC policies and practices in both freshman and transfer admissions. Establishes a research and policy implementation agendas to address anticipated concerns or issues related to undergraduate operations and tactics.

Acts as the UCOP expert in anticipating, defining and analyzing a comprehensive range of issues that focus on improving the University's attainment of its undergraduate admissions objectives and evaluating the effectiveness of the University's efforts, in support of campus admissions' goals, often working across departmental lines. Develops policy briefings and analyses for the Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions, and other stakeholders on topics related to undergraduate admissions (e.g., Academic Senate, IMPAC, IRAP, SGR, campus AVCs for Enrollment Management, and campus Directors of Admissions).

Contributes analytical support, as needed, to the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS), Universitywide Committee on Educational Policy (UCEP), and Universitywide Committee on Preparatory Education (UCOPE) to present thorough and meaningful background materials for current issues relating to undergraduate admissions.

Links research on admissions done by external organizations, state and national governmental bodies, and UC Campuses with the development of strategic initiatives to promote greater access to UC, particularly from high school and colleges that have large populations of underserved students and that have traditionally had low-sending rates.

Takes lead in crafting politically sensitive responses to state and federal legislation involving admissions issues, providing Undergraduate/Student Affairs on how these may affect UC. Advises UCOP officials, faculty leadership and campus decision-makers and others of trends that might affect UC policy and/or student access, and provides recommendations for action and/or real time decision support where warranted.

Manages a wide variety of communication and written materials for different audiences including policy briefings for The Regents, senior UC leadership, the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions, the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, BOARS, UCEP, UCOPE, the Academic Senate, and external agencies and stakeholders.

In the case of legislative testimony, speeches, Regents' presentations, etc., collaborates directly with speaker (e.g., Vice President for Student Affairs, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions) on substantive undergraduate admissions issues to be addressed. Is responsible for discerning the speaker's voice and achieving appropriate levels of tone and complexity congruent with the speaker's position and audience.

Contributes to the development of UC's undergraduate admissions reports to the Regents and the legislature; identifies and analyzes themes and trends to be included in each year's report.
QualificationsBachelor's degree in the social sciences or a quantitative field and at least 10 years of processional experience in complex admissions policy analysis, project management and/or advanced quantitative analysis in an academic setting; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Ability to quickly acquire a thorough understanding of California's educational landscape and other entities involved in the state's higher education policy development. Demonstrated understanding of major policy issues related to higher education, in general, and transfer admissions specifically.

Extensive knowledge and thorough understanding of the University's undergraduate admissions program, including campus implementation of the University's admissions policy.

Demonstrated leadership skills in order to lead high-level meetings, frame meeting agendas, and effective present thorough and meaningful background materials at the senior management and executive levels.

Effective consensus building and negotiating skills as demonstrated by the ability to exchange ideas, information and opinions in order to formulate programs, policies and procedures as well as equitably arrive at decisions, conclusions and/or solutions.

Must have, or demonstrated ability to quickly acquire, a strong command of the political climate in which policy and programmatic decisions are made at the University, and must understand the University's overall goals and priorities as they relate to undergraduate admissions.

Exceptional analytical skills in order to extract relations between apparently unrelated items and divide ripple effects of an action in one area on outcomes in other areas. Demonstrated ability to anticipate the effect of proposals and ideas of various constituencies, understand the policy implications of ideas for program structure, and determine the technical implications of proposals for campus operations and workload considerations.

Excellent quantitative skills to research, extract, review, organize, and report pertinent policy and data analysis and reporting; identify relationships, patterns, and trends; defining key issues; and communicating findings to other staff in presentable format.

Effective problem-solving skills to understand complex, unstructured problems; focus on key issues; research, gather and integrate information; and participate with others across organizational lines in developing wide range of qualified resources and data as the basis for formulating recommendations and developing approaches to resolving issues and problems.

Proven knowledge and understanding of project management concepts, practices, standards and processes as demonstrated by experience working in a leadership capacity in a collaborative environment, building consensus, promoting an exchange of information among technical and non-technical collaborators, and successfully leading the implementation of complex projects.

address potential barriers, identify required resources, identify process steps and milestones, and adjust action plans to achieve desired outcomes.

Exceptional writing skills, including the ability to prepare materials ranging from detailed, descriptive and graphical reports to concise summaries and talking points on complex issues for a variety of audiences at all levels of an organization, often under tight deadlines.

Exceptional verbal communication skills as demonstrated by the ability to effectively convey and explain information and tactfully deal with diverse audiences, situations and ideas as well as interpret and explain technical statistical data for non-technical audiences. Demonstrated ability to think quickly on own feet, and command respect in negotiations with high level personnel.

Outstanding interpersonal skills, judgment and political acumen to support the cross-functional nature of the role. Must be able to generate and pursue leads, initiate contacts, and engender the trust of contacts in order to ferret out the behind-the-scenes activity and underlying agenda of various constituencies.

Excellent organizational skills sufficient to adapt to constantly changing priorities in managing a wide range of projects.

Demonstrated ability to work under a high level of independence in order to perform policy and operational analyses, formulate institutional recommendations based on these analyses, and implement operational and programmatic changes as a result of these recommendations.

Demonstrated ability to work with a substantial level of detail while maintaining a broad strategic perspective.

Proficiency with PC and MS office applications (Excel, PowerPoint and Word); electronic email, the Internet, and online calendaring system.

Advanced degree (Masters or Doctoral) in the social sciences or quantitative field.

Familiarity with UC campuses' systems and operations related to undergraduate admissions programs.
Salary rangeDependent on qualifications and experience
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