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A Comparison Study of Return Ration-Based Academic Enrollment Forecasting Models129X. A. Zan, S. W. Yoon, M. Khasawneh, and K. SrihariPF2013
Alternative Estimates of the Reliability of College Grade Point Averages130J. L. Saupe and M. T. EimersPF2013
Programs for Engagement and Enhancement131G. Crisp, L. Palacios, and J. KaulfusPF2013
A Case Study to Examine Peer Grouping and Aspirant Selection132M. L. D’Allegro and K. ZhouPF2013
Tracking the Discount: Tuition Discount Rates, Net Tuition Revenue, and Efforts to Inform Institutional Practices133N. P. Davis and K. E. ReddPF2013
Unrealized Educational Expectations: A Growing or Diminishing Gender Gap?  It Depends on Your Definition134T. A. Seifert, R. S. Wells, D. B. Saunders, and B. Gopaul PF2013
Institutional Dashboards: Navigational Tool for Colleges and Universities123Dawn Geronimo Terkla, Jessica Sharkness, Margaret Cohen, Heather S. Roscoe, and Marjorie WisemanPF2012
Tuition Revenues and Enrollment Demand: The Case of Southern Utah University124R. Kim Craft, Joe G. Baker, Brent E. Myers, and Abe HarrafPF2012
Disaggregating the Truth: A Re-Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Michigan’s Public Universities125Nathan J. Daun-BarnettPF2012
Integrating the Functions of Institutional Research, Institutional Effectiveness, and Information Management126James T. Posey & Gita Wijesinghe PitterPF2012
Conducting Focus Groups with College Students: Strategies to Ensure Success127Felice D. BillupsPF2012
Universitywide Program Review: Evolving a Process for Program Improvement and Institutional Planning128Kristi A. Nelson & Mark C. NicholasPF2012
A Growth Model For The Academic Program Life Cycle (APLC): A Theoretical And Empirical Analysisirapps33Edward H. K. AcquahIRA2012
A Survey Data Quality Strategy: The Institutional Research Perspectiveirapps34Qin LiuIRA2012
Top-Down Versus Bottom- Up Paradigms of Undergraduate Business School Assurance of Learning Techniques119Priluck, R., Wisenblit, J.PF2011
The Rise of Institutional Effectiveness: IR Competitor, Customer, Collaborator, or Replacement?120C. LeimerPF2011
Keeping Confidence In Data Over Time: Testing The Tenor Of Results From Repeat Administrations Of A Question Inventory121Ellen BoylanPF2011
First, Get Their Attention: Getting Your Results Used122Christina LeimerPF2011
The Pursuit of Increased Learning: Coalescing Assessment Strategies at a Large Research Universityirapps30Gary L. Kramer, Coral M. Hanson, & Danny R. OlsenIRA2011
Correcting Correlations When Predicting Success In Collegeirapps31Joe L. Saupe & Mardy T. EimersIRA2011
Measuring Transitions Into The Workforce As A Form Of Accountabilityirapps32Tom Schenk Jr.IRA2011
In Their Own Words: Effectiveness in Institutional Research115William KnightPF2010
Alienation and First-Year Student Retention116R. LiuPF2010
Estimating the Economic Impact of Higher Education: A Case Study of the Five Colleges in Berks County, Pennsylvania117M. D’Allegro and L. PaffPF2010
Improving the Way Higher Education Institutions Study Themselves: Use and Impact of Academic Improvement Systems 118K. Bender & T. Siller, J. JonsonPF2010
The Big Payoff: Use of Incentives to Enhance Participation in Web Surveysirapps25Stephanie WrenIRA2010
New Approaches for Analyzing Two Key and Related Issues in Faculty Salaries: Compression and Cost of Livingirapps26Sharon L. WeinbergIRA2010
Using Geospatial Techniques to Address Institutional Objectives: St. Petersburg College Geo-Demographic Analysisirapps27Phillip Morris & Grant ThralIRA2010
Making Meaningful Measurement in Survey Research: A Demonstration of the Utility of the Rasch Modelirapps28Kenneth D. RoyalIRA2010
Curriculum Assessment Using Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine Modeling Approaches: A Case Studyirapps29Chau-Kuang ChenIRA2010
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