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  • 08.05.22

AIR Updates Mission to Highlight Commitment to Equity

  • by AIR

On May 9, the AIR Board of Directors voted to amend its Ends policy, which serves as the organization’s mission statement.

The Board added just 8 words, but those additions communicate the organization’s existing and continuing commitment to integrate ethics and equity into its programming, services, and resources. The vote was the culmination of the Board’s months-long work to ensure the organization intentionally operates with a focus on equity and inclusion.

Changes to Ends Policy

AIR is a global association of higher education professionals. AIR exists to empower those individuals at all levels to use data, analytics, information, and evidence to make decisions that are effective, ethical, and equitable and take actions that benefit all students and institutions and improve higher education. This must be done within AIR’s available resources and in such a manner that the value to higher education is worth the investment of those resources.