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  • Ethics Spotlight
  • 05.18.20

Ethics in Action: The Ideal and the Everyday

  • by Leah Ewing Ross, AIR Senior Director for Research & Initiatives

As data professionals, we expect each other to approach our work with integrity. It is rare to find someone in this field who operates with malintent. Yet as we know, most things in lifeethics are not clear cut, including ethical boundaries. What raises concern for some of us may be straightforward for others. It is both helpful and necessary to have a professional foundation to refer to when questions arise, and the AIR Statement of Ethical Principles serves this important purpose. The existence of ethical principles is not enough, however; the true value is in their application. Join Michelle Appel and Jeff Johnson for Ethics in Action: The Ideal and the Everyday, a conversation during the AIR Forum Virtual about what it means for the AIR community to embrace a shared vision of ethical practice, including examples and ideas for how to employ the principles in our work.

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