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Funded by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), AIR produces Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) training opportunities, including video tutorials, virtual and in-person IPEDS Workshops, and online Keyholder courses.

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Join the IPEDS Knowledge Exchange to engage on IPEDS-related questions and topics among IPEDS keyholders, coordinators, and other interested individuals.


Video Tutorials

Watch one or more online training video tutorials. These just-in-time training videos provide you with necessary content in smaller segments to assist with specific areas of reporting and data tool use.

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IPEDS Workshops

Attend a workshop for an intensive, short-term professional development experience. Increase your skills and ​knowledge on a variety of IPEDS topics with individual instruction.

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Online Keyholder Courses

These mentor-supported courses can be completed from the comfort of your home or office, and require approximately 10–12 hours of study within a one-month period.

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NCES Data Institute

With support from NCES, AIR operates the NCES Data Institute: Using Federal Datasets to Support Research on Postsecondary Education—an intensive introduction to NCES datasets and research methodologies using large-scale national data sources.

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IPEDS Educators

AIR recruits experienced IPEDS users to develop and deliver a curriculum that takes a broad view of IPEDS data to assure the quality of the submission of these data and improve the skills of those using these data. Educators learn from NCES staff about the latest changes to IPEDS and develop their skills with various IPEDS data tools.



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Contact ipedstraining@airweb.org for additional information on AIR offerings.

Visit our external resources page for links to additional resources for IPEDS data providers and users.

For IPEDS technical support, please contact the IPEDS Help Desk at 1-877-225-2568 or email ipedshelp@rti.org.