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  • data-bite-june2018
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 06.21.18

    Data Bite June 2018

    • by eAIR
    In this month’s Data Bite, we explore the clients of the IR Office. We categorized the number of clients served by the IR Office and found that 17% of IR Offices serve a limited number of institutional offices/unit...
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  • DataBite-May-2018
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 05.17.18

    Data Bite May 2018

    • by eAIR
    Gaining access to data can be challenging for some IR Offices; especially Human Resources (HR) salary data. During the 2015 National Survey of IR Offices, we learned that, on average, 42% of IR Offices had unrestricted a...
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  • DataBiteApril-2018
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 04.19.18

    Data Bite April 2018

    • by eAIR
    Last month, we looked at the average number of hours spent by directors and found that data collection and management occupied the largest segment of time, followed closely by analyzing those data and disseminating resul...
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  • DataBite-March2018
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 03.15.18

    Data Bite March 2018

    • by eAIR
    How do you spend your days in the IR Office? We asked participants of the National Survey of IR Offices to report how the Director of the IR Office and other IR professional staff (e.g., analysts, technical staff, etc.) ...
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  • DataBite-Feb-18
    • National Survey Data Bite
    • 02.15.18

    Data Bite February 2018

    • by eAIR
    In the National Survey of IR Offices Report (free PDF report), we grouped institutions by their task “personality” and identified three patterns: Broad (IR Offices who are engaged in nearly every data in...
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