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Tips & Insights provides advice on and examples of technology used to simplify and streamline IR activities, as well as real world examples of visual displays of data (e.g., charts, graphs, maps, tables, pictures). These eAIR features are developed by members.

  • Visual Displays of Data
  • 12.20.18

Graduating Student Survey Results Dashboard

  • by Steve Miller, Director/Sr. Analyst, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College

Sharing results from our Graduating Student Survey typically meant sending or posting Excel or PDF files. Now, we're able to post interactive results in one location, allowing users to view results by year. From an internal site accessible with university credentials, academic chairs and administrators can also filter by academic department and major. These users are also able to view student text responses.

The goal was to provide a concise but viewer friendly summary to help users get familiar with viewing and using results. Additional elements or filters could be added in the future.

The dashboard can be found on our IR web page and on our Tableau Public site.  


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