Tips & Insights

Tips & Insights provides advice on and examples of technology used to simplify and streamline IR activities, as well as real world examples of visual displays of data (e.g., charts, graphs, maps, tables, pictures). These eAIR features are developed by members.

  • VDD-June-2020-small
    • Visual Displays of Data
    • 06.16.20

    Visualizing Fundable FTE by Location

    • by David Feliciano, Senior Research Analyst, Pensacola State College
    Pensacola State College is comprised of multiple campuses and centers that serve students in Northwest Florida. To visualize the total Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) of each campus and center, the Office of Institutional Res...
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  • VDDMay2020small
    • Visual Displays of Data
    • 05.18.20

    Facts at a Glance Dashboard

    • by Vaughn Hopkins, Executive Director, Institutional Research, Planning, and Analytics, Delaware State University
    Each year, our Institutional Effectiveness (IE) office publishes an annual report for our Academic Affairs unit, which is one of five administrative divisions at Delaware State University. The Office of the Provost and E...
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  • TTMay2020small
    • Tech Tips
    • 05.18.20

    Creating Animations in R

    • by Daniel Vollrath, Research Analyst, Wayne State University
    If you’re looking for an excuse nowadays to spend more time inside on a computer, I recommend visiting the subreddit r/dataisbeautiful. Users submit all kinds of visualizations along with details of how they were c...
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  • VDDApril2020sm
    • Visual Displays of Data
    • 04.21.20

    Technical Colleges and Perkins Data

    • by Terry McCamish, Accountability Data Analyst, Technical College System of Georgia
    A huge topic for our technical colleges has been the re-authorization of the Perkins law. This law brought substantial changes to procedures for requesting funds. One of the most significant changes was the implementatio...
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  • TTApril2020small
    • Tech Tips
    • 04.21.20

    Power up Excel

    • by Hilary Carter, Assistant Director of Business Intelligence, University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Whether you're new to Excel or breathe advanced formulae, there are always shortcuts and useful features to be discovered. Have you ever wanted a distinct count in pivot tables or an easier way to format complex workbook...
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