Tips & Insights

Tips & Insights provides advice on and examples of technology used to simplify and streamline IR activities, as well as real world examples of visual displays of data (e.g., charts, graphs, maps, tables, pictures). These eAIR features are developed by members.

  • TTApril2020small
    • Tech Tips
    • 04.21.20

    Power up Excel

    • by Hilary Carter, Assistant Director of Business Intelligence, University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Whether you're new to Excel or breathe advanced formulae, there are always shortcuts and useful features to be discovered. Have you ever wanted a distinct count in pivot tables or an easier way to format complex workbook...
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  • VDDMarch2020sm
    • Visual Displays of Data
    • 03.24.20

    Student Outcomes: Kicking it up a Notch with Tableau

    • by Alicia Betsinger, Associate Provost, Institutional Research, Dartmouth College
    In preparation for reaccreditation, Dartmouth’s Office of Institutional Research decided to transform student outcomes data from multiple sources and formats into compelling visualizations. The publicly-available v...
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  • TTMarch2020sm
    • Tech Tips
    • 03.24.20

    Using Slicers to Update Pivot Tables

    • by Brooke Kile, Director of Institutional Research, Marian University
    For information where online dashboards are not available, my office frequently uses pivot tables to visualize large sets of data for our stakeholders. Often times, we use the same data set for multiple visualizations li...
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  • vdd-feb-2020small
    • Visual Displays of Data
    • 02.20.20

    Mapping Economic Impact

    • by Cheryl Rollins, Director of Institutional Research; Linda Loubert, Interim Chair, Economics; Jamal Rollins, Volunteer; and Taj Rollins, Doctoral Student - Morgan State University
    Morgan State University commissioned an economic impact study in 2018. The publication of this study and the desire of the Office of Institutional Research to contribute data points to demonstrate the impact of our stake...
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  • TTFeb2020small
    • Tech Tips
    • 02.20.20

    Excel Power Query Saves Time

    • by Marcia Finch, Senior Institutional Research Analyst, Neumann University
    In Microsoft Excel, you’ve probably seen Power Pivot and Data Model, but have you discovered Power Query? Power Query is a tool introduced in 2013, which is available to all users who have Excel 2016 or later and/o...
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